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The Aubagne branch of the Marseille FSS has been open since the beginning of the 2015 academic year to riders who can prove that they have a good level of practice and whose professional project is in line with the STAPS training offer.

The Aubagne branch is a small structure with limited capacity, offering only horseback riding as a sport specialty. For safety reasons, this sport activity requires more restrictive prerequisites and consequently more "selective"; this is the case of horse riding. We pay particular attention to the accuracy of these prerequisites, (in particular the justification of galops, galop 5 being recommended).

Presentation of the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Aubagne

FSS Aubagne in pictures

Practical information

  • Horseback riding

    Equestrian Center l'Étrier d'Aubagne

    This center is approved by the National Committee of French Riding Schools.

    Natural setting in a park of more than 11 hectares at the foot of the Garlaban. 3 careers, a round of longe, an access for the strolls, a club house.

    This structure currently welcomes riders of the first 2 years of the License.

    Address : 3605 Route d'Eoures, 13400 Aubagne
    Tel : 04 42 03 15 28 / 06 09 52 28 62

    Pony Club le Faré of Aubagne

    This center is approved by the National Committee of French Riding Schools.

    Le Faré is labeled "French Riding School" and "Pony Club of France". The club has 5 riding arenas including a 60m/28m covered arena, 2 heated reception rooms. The horses and ponies are all housed in boxes or stalls and regularly released into the meadows. Lastly, the Faré has a mount to facilitate the practice of horseback riding for people with disabilities.

    This structure welcomes the students of licence 3 in order to follow the courses of adapted equestrian activities.

    Address : Route des Aubes, 13400 Aubagne

    FGC Stables - Franck Guha-Contestin

    These stables have for mission:

    • Pension
    • Competition
    • Training
    • Trade

    Located at the foot of the Garlaban massif, this structure welcomes 2nd year Bachelor students

    Address : 1705 chemin des Solans, 13400 Aubagne
    Tel : 06 09 51 46 80

  • Moving

    Public transportation is free in Aubagne. Sports facilities (stadiums, swimming pool, gymnasium) are served by bus or streetcar.

    Equestrian centers are a few minutes away by car or bus from the FSS.

    The Aubagne train station is a 10-minute walk from the FSS.

  • Catering

    A university restaurant is located in the SATIS department (Sciences Arts and Techniques of Image and Sound) in the immediate vicinity of the FSS.

    The Aubagne site has a garden and a kitchen which also allows students to have lunch on site.

  • Housing

    Some addresses for students who wish to find accommodation in Aubagne:

    • A residence intended for the accommodation of Aubagne students (FSS / SATIS / IFSI) is under construction 100m from our antenna. It will consist of 59 studio apartments of about 20 m2, equipped with a kitchenette. It will also have a common work space and a collective kitchen available to students. Delivery is scheduled for the beginning of the 2023 school year. More specific information will be available soon."
    • The official website of the city of Aubagne also offers housing
    • Studios or apartments are also available on the private rental market."

The press speaks about it


For the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, the branch will welcome, in initial and continuing education:

  • In the 1st and 2nd year of the STAPS license (semesters 1, 2 and 3): students whose specialized APSA is horseback riding (30 new students in total entering L1).
  • In semester 4: students who are enrolled in an APAS course (Adapted Physical Activities and Health) and who still have horse riding as their specialized APSA.
  • In the 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree: students who enroll in an APAS course with a specialization in adapted equestrian activities.

Sports activities

Specialized horseback riding courses take place in Aubagne and the surrounding area.

Other APSA (Sports and Artistic Physical Activities) are offered in the STAPS degree program and take place in the city's sports facilities.

Students regularly participate in the organization, supervision and animation of sports events and associations that take place in Aubagne.

To access the ENT (digital work environment) and work with online course materials, students must have a laptop or a tablet.

The STAPS degree courses are organized around different teaching units: human sciences, physiology and biology, anatomy and biomechanics, neurobehavioral sciences, communication tools and methods (French, English and computer science), the study of specific audiences, and the development of training projects. Internships in a professional environment are also an integral part of the training in license 2 and license 3.

Faculty of Sport Sciences

20 boulevard Emile Combes
13400 Aubagne

Email :
Phone : +33 (0)7 62 38 49 33

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