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ISM Laboratory (Institute of Human Movement)

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The Institut des Sciences du Mouvement Etienne-Jules Marey is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 7287), associating Aix-Marseille University and the CNRS through the Institut des Sciences Biologiques (INSB), the main institute, and secondary institutes (INSIS, INS2I and INSHS). The laboratory has a staff of about 120 people. The research themes of the Institute concern the mechanical, physiological, neurological, psychological and sociological determinants of the motricity of living beings, especially humans.

MSC (Management Sport Cancer) Laboratory

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The objectives of EA4670 are to conduct collaborative multidisciplinary research with the aim of reinforcing the link between research and social demand in oncology, with a view to improving the health and well-being of patients undergoing treatment and/or in remission, but also to ensure the production and transmission of theoretical knowledge, particularly in the disciplinary fields concerned.

The Health, Sport and Sustainable Development Foundation is organized around thematic chairs whose common features are interdisciplinarity and the transfer of fundamental knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

What is a Chair?

In the literal sense, a chair is the funding of a professorship specializing in a particular field of teaching. By analogy, we have retained this term since the Foundation allows the financing of very specific fields anchored within our University. The chairs are strong themes, vectors of mediation between research, training and implementation of actions. They constitute a permanent meeting place between professionals and academics.

What benefits for your company?

  • Image of a company that supports a major field in Health, Sport and/or Sustainable Development.
  • Expertise of competent teams in a place of dialogue and permanent reflection in the framework of research and training for new professions.
  • Improvement of your visibility.
  • Notoriety among our students.

Automotive Motion Lab Chair

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In 2011, Stellantis and the Faculty of Sport Sciences signed in Marseille the creation of an "OpenLab" in the field of Human Motion Sciences applied to the automobile. The research areas of the "Automotive Motion Lab" OpenLab are human movement sciences applied to the automobile. The Automotive Motion Lab studies the interaction of humans with vehicles in order to improve the realism of driving simulators while contributing to the development of new driving assistance systems. The OpenLabs are joint research structures, created at the initiative of Stellantis, whose objective is to pool research teams and experimental resources in the service of innovation. These structures, which are gradually being deployed in France, make it possible to address major issues for the future of the automobile and to be closer to future scientific discoveries around the world.

Head of the Automotive Motion Lab chair :

Jean-Louis Vercher

Décathlon-AMU Chair

This chair, signed in 2010 between Décathlon and Aix-Marseille University, is based on fundamental research in the field of human-sports equipment interaction. Thus, in conjunction with the R&D teams of Decathlon SportsLab, a better understanding of the human being in motion is possible, in particular to improve the design rules for innovative sports products. The Institute of Movement Sciences benefits from this proximity with a major player in sports innovation to develop specific skills, in connection with field experiments. The students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences benefit from the interventions of professionals within the training courses and also from internships and/or hiring at the M1, M2 or doctoral thesis levels.


Active Aging 2.0 Chair

Logo active aging 2.0

The Active Aging 2.0 Chair is a multidisciplinary project (neuroscience, physiology, psychology, engineering, etc.) that brings together research laboratories (ISM, I2ML, COMETE), start-ups (Axyn, Age-Impulse, Prolexia, etc.), a Sport-Health Centre (SMUC), a geriatric and sports medicine department (Aubagne Hospital) and users (a cohort of elderly people). Supported by AG2R-La Mondiale and the OIR of the South Region, the Active Aging Chair develops Research and Innovation projects in the field of aging and the Silver Economy around 4 main axes: 1) preservation of cognitive-motor capital through exercise and new technologies (Exergames), 2) improvement of mobility and prevention of the risk of falling through virtual reality, 3) remote APA supervision through mobile robots and 4) acceptability of technologies for health and exercise by seniors.

Head of the Active Aging 2.0 Chair:

Jean Jacques Temprado

The Technosport


A true platform dedicated to innovation in sport and movement, TechnoSport enables the study of performance in its broadest sense, from high-level sport to pathological movement.

The CRMV (Mediterranean Virtual Reality Center)

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The Centre de Réalité Virtuelle de la Méditerranée (CRVM), a Virtual Reality technology platform dedicated to the study of human behavior in immersive situations, offers development services, the provision of material and human resources, and consulting services in the field of Virtual Reality to research organizations and industry.