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Faculty Councils

The Faculty Council determines the policy of the institution. This board is composed of members (elected for 4 years), representing teachers, teacher-researchers, researchers, IATOS, students and designated external personalities. Students elected to the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Sports Sciences: Six seats are reserved for students. The student representatives on the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Sport Sciences are elected for two years. They participate with voting rights in the Board of Directors of the Faculty.

The roles of the elected students are to

  • Participate actively in the policy of the component by getting involved in the decision making of the UFR council,
  • Defend the interests of the students of the component,
  • Communicate and disseminate information and decisions made by the Board of Directors,
  • Helping students to find out about the opportunities available in the curriculum as well as the various competitive exams and other sports-related jobs.

The students are also represented in the three councils of the University, by sector and have the possibility to express themselves at this level. The elected students have an office and a mailbox in the hall of the Faculty of Sport Sciences (number 53).

Members of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Sport Sciences

President: Christophe BOURDIN

College A: Professors - Rank A

  • Christophe BOURDIN
  • Martine PITHIOUX
  • Charlie BARLA
  • Pierre DANTIN

College B : Lecturers and similar

  • Marianne BARTHELEMY
  • Jean-Louis MILAN
  • Xavier CERATI

College C: Students

  • Enzo TANZY
  • Maxence LEPRESLE
  • Andréa SOREL
  • Antoine PULICANI

College D: Engineering, Administrative, Technical and Service Staff

  • Carole FANCHON
  • Alain DONNEAUD

External personalities :

  • Aurélie BIANCARELLI-LOPES - City of Marseille
  • Hervé LIBERMAN - PACA Regional Council
  • Sonia CICCIONE, General Director of the Ecole de la Seconde Chance
  • Jean-Luc BAUDET - Provence Alpes Regional Olympic and Sports Committee
  • Thierry SANTELLI - Department of Bouches du Rhône
  • Marie-Line BERGEONNEAU, Airbus Helicopters

Guests :

  • Lionel BRINGOUX
  • Jozina DE GRAAF
  • Fabrice NEMOZ

Member by right :

Fabrice GAUDY

The Scientific Committee is chaired by the Dean or in his absence by the Vice-Dean in charge of research. It is responsible for preparing the work of the Faculty Council on research-related issues and for ensuring their follow-up.

The Scientific Committee translates into operational choices the scientific policy elaborated at the University level. It has an incentive and advisory role.


The Scientific Committee issues an opinion on

  • The orientations of research policy, scientific and technical documentation,
  • The constitution of new research units/teams,
  • The development of new disciplines / research-teaching areas,
  • The development of interdisciplinarity,
  • The structuring of technological platforms,
  • The interclassification of files concerning research profiles for recruitment requests (publication of positions, associate professors, ATER),
  • The files concerning the answers to research calls for tender for which an opinion of the dean is requested.

Members of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Sport Sciences:

  • BOURDIN Christophe
  • CHABRAND Patrick
  • DANTIN Pierre
  • DE GRAAF Jozina
  • DOUSSET Erick
  • JACQUES André
  • MONTAGNE Gilles
  • NICOL Caroline
  • RAO Guillaume
  • BRINGOUX Lionel
  • PITHIOUX Martine