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Inscriptions & Réinscriptions
Pour un démarrage réussi, ne manquez pas toutes les informations utiles à votre rentrée universitaire 2022/2023. Retrouver toutes les informations pour votre inscription et réinscription pour l'année universitaire 2022 2023 Les infos so [...]
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Students, future students and professionals
After several months of development, we are happy to present our new website. This site has been designed for you, students, future students and professionals. Simple and ergonomic, it will accompany you in your research, your administra [...]
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Journée Portes Ouvertes : Samedi 4 Février 2023
La Faculté des Sciences du Sport sera ravie de vous accueillir au sein de son établissement à l'occasion de la journée portes ouvertes qui se tiendra samedi 4 février 2023, de 9h à 16h30.




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  • Implementation of the service for Respect and Equality within AMU

    Implementation of the service for Respect and Equality within AMU

    The University of Aix-Marseille has just set up the Service for Respect and Equality. This service has a mission: to prevent and fight against all forms of sexist or sexual violence, harassment and discrimination.
  • Motor Education Day 2022 April 22, 2022
    April 22, 2022

    Motor Education Day 2022

    On Friday, April 22, 2022, was held the " JEM 2022 ", the first Motor Education Day. Organized by the students of L3 STAPS Marseille, supervised by their teachers, it was divided into two parts.