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Motor Education Day 2022

April 22, 2022

On Friday, April 22, 2022, was held the " JEM 2022 ", the first Motor Education Day. Organized by the students of L3 STAPS Marseille, supervised by their teachers, it was divided into two parts.

A studious morning with a pedagogical vocation, during which students allowed their peers to explore APSA that they would not have tackled during the year, with the theme "the beginner in the APSA...".

A festive and friendly afternoon to mark the end of the semester, during which 14 teams (including a team of teachers) competed in original activities (sitting ball, Utimate, sandball, FlagRugby, Spikeball, cheque and soccer (not very original that one!))

A beautiful afternoon which highlighted the esprit de corps of this promotion gathered one last time in a good mood after two complicated years.

This year, the PCL notebooks (a pedagogical magazine produced by the L3 students) and the "JEM" are two new projects that have enriched the field of experience of the students of the "College and High School Teacher" major.

These experiences are obviously to be continued!