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The student life and campus contribution (CVEC)

  • What is the purpose of a contribution?

    The quality of student and campus life is a factor in student success. This is why this contribution is "intended to promote social, health, cultural and sports support for students and to reinforce the preventive and health education actions carried out for them" (article L. 841-5 of the Education Code) by supplementing the resources already allocated by the institutions.

    Thanks to this, the services involved in campus life will be able to develop additional actions:

    • Renovation of the prevention policy and improvement of students' access to health care;
    • Reinforcement of social support for students;
    • Development of student sports activities;
    • Diversification of artistic and cultural projects and events in higher education institutions;
    • Improvement of student reception.
  • Who can submit a project?

    Project holders who are eligible to apply for CVEC funding are

    • Individual students with a personal project registered at an institution of higher education for the current year
    • Groups of students who have not formed an association and who have designated a project leader registered at an institution of higher education for the current year
    • Student associations
    • Staff can help students set up their project
  • Criteria for non-receipt

    • Projects dedicated to training, professional integration and pedagogy,
    • Projects intended for a public that is too targeted (reserved for a particular sector, for example)
    • Projects of a political, trade union or religious nature,
    • Galas, parties and integration weekends,
    • Projects that subsidize permanent jobs or the regular operations of an association,
    • The committee will also reject projects that are too imprecise, not allowing for a concrete evaluation of the project (nature of the project, objectives, financial balance).

2021/2022 Commission Schedule

1st commission
Luminy : January 31, 2022
Aubagne: February 1, 2022
The application form must be sent by email before January 15, 2022 to

2nd commission
Luminy: April 5, 2022
Aubagne: April 6, 2022
The application form must be sent by mail before March 31, 2022 to

Useful documents

Realization of the Luminy and Aubagne Campus projects