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  • Terms and conditions of application

    Students wishing to benefit from the student-employee scheme must submit a file at the beginning of each academic semester (see the notice boards). The files will be submitted for approval to an ad hoc commission chaired by the Dean who will decide whether to allow the student to benefit from the derogatory status attached to this status, in accordance with national regulations.

    Two working sessions of the salaried commission are planned. Students are asked to check the precise dates of the commission on the notice boards of each year of training. As part of their educational contract, salaried students benefit from the following special provisions:

    For a first registration in a degree, the contract specifies the courses that the student wishes to present according to the sessions.

    For a second registration in a degree, the contract specifies the units and courses that remain to be validated and the grades that the student wishes to keep; he/she may keep the grades below the average and at least equal to 08/20 that he/she acquired the previous year. The choice must be specified in writing to the secretariat of the year of study. This measure applies only to students with a current employment contract.

  • Attendance

    Students who officially have the status of student employee benefit from special regulations regarding attendance. Students' attendance at practical work and tutorials is strictly mandatory. In any case, the student whose rate of absences linked to the status of student employee (provide the teacher in charge of the year with the work schedule to justify the absences) is equal to or greater than 50% of the volume of practical work and/or tutorials concerned, will have a continuous assessment grade weighted in proportion to the number of justified absences.

    On the other hand, for all other reasons for absence, the student employee must respect the rules defined for all students in the Attendance chapter. As an exception, a student employee, upon express written request and in view of his or her work contract, may, after examination by the ad hoc committee, be authorized by the Dean to attend only the final examination of a course in the year of study in which he or she is registered. The request must be made to each "student employee" commission.

    Students are reminded that the special final examination system does not only present advantages for the students who choose it, since they "play the game of grading" on a single test as opposed to continuous assessment or a combination of the two. Consequently, student employees are strongly advised to make every effort to participate in continuous testing.

Application forms

In the case of absences due to professional activity, the request must be made by mail and filed with the year manager.


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