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If you are planning to go abroad, don't miss the information meeting at the beginning of the school year!

Be active and participate in the events proposed on campus by the DRI Campus.

Regularly read the emails sent by the DRI Campus or consult the notices posted in the Hexagon building.

  • Before you leave

    Choose your destination

    Access the list of available programs (ERASMUS, Canada: BCI and bilateral Canada, ISEP ...).

    Choose one or more universities where you would like to study

    You will be asked later to make a choice among these universities.

    Once you have chosen the exchange universities

    1. Go to the website of the foreign university and look for courses that correspond to your field of study and that could interest you
    2. Notion of credit equivalence: read carefully the ECTS userguide
    3. Contact the DRI campus to gather testimonials from students who have had an experience at the university you have chosen

    Putting together the application

    Go see Mrs Nicole Geyskens of the DRI Campus at the Hexagon building to obtain the Study Contract Projectsheet.

    Contact your IR supervisor

    After having completed the project sheet, contact by email Mrs. Laure Fernandez your IR pedagogical manager at the Faculty of Sport Sciences.
    Once the meeting with Mrs. Fernandez has been scheduled, go there with the Study Contract Project sheet.

    Finalize the application by the stipulated deadlines.

    Complete your MOVEON application online.
    Submit your application documents online :

    • CV
    • Letter of motivation
    • Study contract project
    • Transcripts of grades since high school
    • If necessary, a certificate of language level

    How to finance my stay?

    Go to the website of the University of Aix-Marseille - Student Mobility

  • Once on site

    Upon your arrival

    1. Return the completed and signed mobility certificate to Mrs Geyskens
    2. Submit your mobility certificate online on MoveOn. You will only receive your financial aid once you have returned this certificate to Mrs. Geyskens and filed it on MoveOn
    3. Inform Ms. Fernandez if there is a change in the study contract
    4. Send the final amended study contract to Ms. Geyskens and Ms. Fernandez
    5. Answer Mrs. Geyskens ' emails about the feedback you will be asked for (Midterm Questionnaire) and feel free to attach some pictures. Think about the friends who will want to leave after you !!!!
  • Upon your return

    1. Before leaving your exchange university, fill out the End of Mobility Certificate and return it to Ms. Geyskens
    2. Return the transcript as soon as you have it to Mrs. Geyskens and Mrs. Fernandez
    3. Fill out the end-of-stay questionnaire sent by Mrs . Geyskens. Do it seriously! Once again, think of the friends who will want to go after you and become an AMU Buddy!

    Recap before you leave

    • Consult the list of agreements
    • Choose your destination
    • Read the testimonials of our students who left in previous years
    • Create your Study Agreement Project
    • Validate your registration on MoveOne
    • If you still have questions :
      • Administrative center/general information/accommodation: contactMrs. Geyskens
      • Pedagogical department: contact Mrs Fernandez