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Auditors are considered as users of the University and cannot benefit from the student status.
The auditor has the possibility to follow a maximum of 4 UE per semester (or period) to be chosen among the teaching units (UE) of a Bachelor or Master year.
The fees to be paid are voted by the University's Board of Directors.

The auditor has access to

  • The Common Documentation Service
  • The Digital Workspace (limited to downloadable documents except for distance learning services)

The auditor is not allowed to take exams, nor to attend tutorials and practical work.

He/she is not entitled to university benefits.
Moreover, the auditor cannot claim any certificate of success for the courses taken or diploma.

To apply for registration as an auditor, you must download and complete

  • a pedagogical contract describing the courses you wish to follow
  • an administrative and pedagogical registration form and the accompanying documents.

The student pays an annual registration fee. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the registration fee is 113 euros.

IMPORTANT: in section 10 "Annual administrative registration" of the registration form, remember to check the box "auditor" in the status field.

Documents to download