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La Diagonale des Fous | Back to the conference of Laurence and Albéric

Thank you to Laurence Bernard (in charge of animation/learning development at Aix-Marseille University) and Albéric Malfatti (teacher at the FSS) for this beautiful evening of sharing their adventure on the Diagonale des Fous.

Nearly 120 people were present to listen to their story, told in all humility with a lot of humor and passion.

The participants, totally captivated during the nearly 1 hour presentation, prolonged the evening with a multitude of questions that Laurence and Albéric were happy to answer.

The complicity of this couple was a major ingredient in the success of this adventure.

How an initial objective, which was to achieve an individual performance, was progressively transformed into a new challenge: sharing an adventure with two, leaving and arriving together, which, given the distance and technical difficulties, is not at all obvious!

Physical and mental preparation, training plan and logistic preparation, Albéric and Laurence have deciphered the secrets of this mythical ultra-trail.